Marker Applications – approved fall 2018 – (1) Louise State Bank Building (submitted by Joe Cardenas), (2) Old Jerusalem Cemetery (submitted by Willie S. Giles), (3) Wharton County Library (submitted by WCL), and (4) Wharton Training School (submitted by Diane Dawson Bradley, et al.).  

Courthouse Restoration photo collection: A. C. Shelton’s hundreds of photographs taken over the years of the courthouse restoration (March 2003-August 2007) will soon be hosted on a website which will be linked to this one.  We are looking forward to this.  Stay tuned!

Hesed House: We are partnering with Hesed House in Wharton to provide history “talks” on a monthly basis (first Thursday of the month) at 6:00 p.m.  Come join us – either as audience or speaker!
(1) Glen Flora, An Historical Remembrance, published by Wharton County Historical Commission on the occasion of the dedication of the historical marker for Glen Flora (2018).  We have a few copies left, priced at $15.
(2) War Between States Changed Texas Forever, by Merle Reue Hudgins, published April 2017, priced at $75, plus $10 to ship.  To order contact Wharton County Historical Commission at 979-532-8023. 
(3) “A Tale of Two Courthouses.”  This publication, which is chapter four of Julie Freeman Reed’s Master’s Thesis entitled Up She Rises: The Birth and Legacy of the Texas Historic Courthouse Preservation Program, tells the story of the restoration of Wharton County Courthouse from beginning to end.  It’s very well done, and we appreciate her allowing us to publish this one chapter.  We have some copies left, priced at $10.